Weird Pregnancy Cravings

We asked moms to tell us which foods they just had to get their hands on during pregnancy and here is what they said (yep, definitely pickles!):


  • “French fries thru the whole thing … root beer like you wouldn’t believe.” -MaaTbounce_back_pregnancy_cravings
  • “I had a lot of cravings for honey mustard.” -c_helig89
  • “Once the first trimester was over, I thrived on noodles with alfredo/white cheddar sauce and broccoli.” -kaia23
  • “I pretty much ate every form of cake within arm’s reach. Donuts, pastries, muffins, danishes, cookies, cupcakes…” -Jessia
  • “I craved AWFUL foods – Twix, and pretzels stuffed with cheese.” -WWama
  • “I have cravings for apple juice and fried chicken wings with ranch, but thankfully not together.” -len241
  • “One week I ate ONLY chicken quesadillas – Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.” -HarperKsMmy
  • “My one and only really weird craving was pickle juice. I would drink it right out of the jar. Gross right? My husband always laughed when he saw a full jar of pickles with no juice.” -ra1en
  • “Ketchup on everything. I don’t normally like ketchup.” -Mommy2Beans
  • “I craved deep fried cheese (mozzarella sticks/cheese nuggets) with milk throughout the entire pregnancy with my first.” -lgleason08
  • “I ate one pineapple a week while I was pregnant!” -Reagnsmom
  • “One I had early (when I had morning sickness) was hot dogs with sauerkraut!” -gostomkiart
  • “All I wanted the entire time I was pregnant was Big Macs and french fries.” -haleymo07
  • “Potatoes. Baked, scalloped, mashed, whatever it doesn’t matter. I love them.” -Jills
  • “When I was pregnant with my first son, it was PB&J for 3 months, no kidding.”-myboysom
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