Tips for Getting pregnant at 40



For some women, trying to conceive can seem as being a herculean task if she can’t seem to get pregnant. This problem of needing to try again and again for getting pregnant catapults particularly in women that are above 40 years old. Not only does the likelihood of getting pregnant turn out to be slim after forty, the mental tension of having to wait or even resorting to alternate resolutions like in vitro fertilisation as well as donor eggs likewise pressurises couples.

Tips for Getting pregnant at 40

Kill the Pill

If you happen to be using birth management pills, discontinue their use. This will enable the body to go back to its natural cycle plus it will in turn help with conceiving.

Beat the blues

If you have been hoping to get pregnant for quite a while without any good results, you might feel sad or frustrated. Remember that it will take time to conceive when you’re 40 years or maybe older. This happens since the production of eggs dramatically decreases within the later years in any woman. In fact, the chances of getting pregnant at 40 years is about 50% for a female, but this number depletes into a mere 2% by the time she will be 43. The right move to make is to shrug of all signs of depression and look for a fertility physician. In vitro fertilisation as well as donor eggs may significantly increase your odds of getting pregnant after 40.

Kick the Bottom

If you happen to be smoking, it is the moment for you to quit. By time you’re 40 years of age, the chances of the normal pregnancy drop. Therefore, you need to get extra careful. Drinking and smoking cigarettes can only enhance your woes as well as cause further hold off in conceiving. In fact your spouse should also stop smoking as nicotine greatly diminishes the standard of the sperm and may also aid genetic disabilities within the newborn child. Added to that, you also have to reduce any excess weight if you wish to get pregnant after 40. Being overweight is only going to add to your woes of the high risk pregnancy, gestational diabetes as well as probable miscarriage.

Know Your Period

The days when you ovulate throughout a month become greatly reduced by the time you are 40 years of age. Therefore, you need to understand your body. The best possibility of getting pregnant after 40 is always to keep a check on ovulation and also enjoy regular sexual exercise. You also have to make certain that your partner is actually healthy enough to help with conceiving. Although men can handle reproducing till they’re 60 or possibly 70, sperm quality is actually greatly reduced. So, if your guy has any bad habit, he has to overcome it. Also in case there’s some problem with his sperm, you can do in for sperm donation and it can result in a successful pregnancy.

Think of Alternate options

If you happen to be trying for quite a while and you still cannot conceive, it is time you see a fertility professional. She/he will suggest alternatives for you personally. For example using in vitro fertility treatment or IVF; the chances of any woman conceiving after 40, lie anywhere in between 10 – 15 %. However, the chances in individual cases can vary with specific problems or special requirements. Again, if you cannot produce healthy eggs after 40, you can get pregnant with donor ovum. The chance of the woman conceiving with fresh rather than frozen donor eggs is up to 43 %.

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