How to get pregnant with twins

Is the thought of of having twins really stuck in your mind ?

How wonderful could it be if we would be able to customise pregnancy! At the price of sounding absurd, there are in fact ways in which you actually could do so. In this point in time when medical technology is moving in the direction of a phase where you could decide what coloration the eyes of your unborn child will be, getting pregnant having twins sounds easy! Therefore, we present to you tips on how to get pregnant with twins, that claim to improve your chances of getting pregnant with twins. The best part is the fact that these natural ways of getting pregnant with twins are time tested and are working in practice for hundreds of years.

Partner who is himself/herself a Twin

Twins have a greater chance of getting pregnant with twin children. Their genes tend to be more conducive to numerous births. Therefore, if you tend to be absolutely hooked to the thought of raising twins then to be a twin should be at the top of your prospective companion checklist! Another point to ponder about is that someone is very likely to get pregnant with twins after 1 generation, i. e. if one or even more of your grandparents were twins whilst you were not, it is much more likely that you’ll get pregnant and have twins. But usually love picks your partnet for you. So let’s get to tip two on how to get pregnant with twins.

Wait for A few Years

Older women possess a higher chance to get pregnant with twins. It is a well known fact that women that are 35 years or older are inclined towards multiple ovulation. Multiple ovulations mean that several eggs are produced. This increases the chance of more than one sperm fertilising them resulting in higher chance of woman conceiving twins. So, if you wish to cherish giving birth to two babies, delay your plan to conceive.

Weight Gain

Plump women are likely to get pregnant with twins. Not to say that you could start binging on unhealthy food and make oneself overweight. This would simply complicate matters and end up being burdensome during maternity. You just have to eat healthy to get enough weight to carry two bundles of joy. Increase the intake of milk products such as dairy, paneer, butter, cheese and yoghurt. Increased consumption of those foods increase the likelihood of getting pregnant with twins.

Multiple researches have proven that ladies who are around the heavier side in the scale have a greater chance of getting pregnant with twins. This is particularly true for women that have a body size index (BMI) greater than 30.

One of the best tips of getting pregnant with twins is to continue trying! I`m not talking about having 20 children, but if at first you don`t succede, it doesn`t mean that the future doesn`t have prepaired for you a twin package. Good luck making it real!

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