How to get Pregnant With a girl

How to get Pregnant With a girl ?

If you’re planning on adding to your loved ones, and you seriously want a girl, or even in the event that you’re planning the first child, and you would like a daughter, then you’re most likely wondering if you will find any ways to guarantee you will get pregnant with a girl. If that will be the case, then read on, because in this short article, we look at methods for you to make sure you get pregnant with a girl!

Medical Intervention

By far the technique with the highest possibility of guaranteeing that you will get pregnant with a girl is to select medical intervention.

There are various kinds of medical gender selection that you could choose from, some of which provide a 100% success rate, so if you actually want a girl, and you can afford the price of fertility specialists, then this is the best bet.

Other Ways to get Pregnant With a girl

Of course, not all of us can afford the actual medical gender selection route. In that situation, you may want to try a number of of these techniques to get pregnant with a girl.

First, have a look at your diet. Research has proven that sperm destined to be baby girls (those that have the X chromosome) live longer within an acidic environment. By eating additional acidic foods (especially proteins), you may manage to help the normal selection process along.

Next, consider when you’re having sex. Sperm that can become girls generally live considerably longer than those which will become boys, so if you need to have a girl, you should be making love up to two days prior to due date to ovulate. That way, by the moment your egg will be released, most of the actual ‘male’ sperm is going to be eliminated.

Then there will be the matter of position. Sexual positions using shallower penetration, such as the actual missionary position offer sperm longer to swim. This again works in the favor of your ‘female’ sperm, as the males, while faster swimmers, may not live long enough to arrive at the egg.

Finally, there is the problem of orgasm. Unfortunately, the female climax makes the vagina an infinitely more alkaline place – that is better for male sperm. If you wish to have a baby girl, you should therefore attempt to avoid having an orgasm by any means.

No Guarantees

Of course, all of these methods for getting pregnant with a girl have been tried, and found to get more successful compared to leaving it up tonearly chance, but there continues to be a possibility they’re not going to work for everyone. So if you actually want to have a girl, you may want to get hold of your doctor about sexual category selection.


  • Gender selection is really a branch of medicine that may virtually guarantee the gender of the child before conceiving even happens.
  • Eating more acidic foods may allow you to conceive a girl.
  • Having sex a couple of days before you ovulate, and in a position with shallower penetration also may help.
  • Because orgasms help to make the vagina much more alkaline, you will also want to try and avoid it.

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